Sol del Sur is the jewelry line by Chilean designer Soledad Proaño. She is heavily influenced by native South American aesthetics. Soledad designs jewelry that’s not strident, it exists as beautiful and humble simultaneously. Her brand aims to represent richness in the small details, which is something many native cultures from around the world also share.

Her collections, crafted with textiles, leather and metal, are stylized and minimalist, while full of emotion and significance. They are tributes to her life and experiences in South America and the United States, to being Latina and speaking English with an accent. But each design is also a celebration of the planet, of beauty without stereotypes, of diversity in fashion, of architecture and all the shapes around her. And Brooklyn, where she is now based.

Sol del Sur was born in 2009, and since then has grown to be sold at reputable stores such like the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Macy’s and All her pieces are made by hand in her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Sol working drawing