When buying our supplies we always look for three things: smaller companies, US made, and environmentally aware products. Here's the detail of our current sourcing - we hope soon all our supplies will be made locally.

• All our fine metals and findings (clasps, tags...) are made in the US.
• Brass findings are either made in the US (sometimes to order) or imported. The brass chain is made in the US.
• The leather cord is made in India, following all environmental and health regulations from the US and Europe. I buy it undyed (natural) and then dye it black using a natural oxidation method.
• The fibers used in our braidings are made in the US or Italy.

We don’t use any plated metals. Our goldfilled metal has a very thick layer of 14kt gold that will behave as regular solid gold with the proper care. It is also appropriate to wear for people with allergies - we use it in all our earwires (except as noted in post style earrings).

Metals care

With all sterling silver, brass, and bronze, a natural patina develops from exposure to air, moisture, dirt and oils. Here at Sol del Sur we loved the look of aged metal but it’s also very easy to bring your pieces back to shine if you want.

To delay the natural oxidation process, keep jewelry clean and dry and store in an airtight container (like a zip bag). Avoid contact with skin care products, hair products, cooking and cleaning products.

Since most of our pieces have some kind of fiber embedded within the metal, we recommend you buy a polishing cloth and rub it on the metal around the fibers. If using polishing supplies (like polishing cloths or liquids), please follow instructions carefully.

You can also use lemon juice to bring the shine back to your brass pieces. Just cut a piece of lemon, rub it against the metal, then wash it off and you are good to go! For stubborn oxidation, just rub it some more, or even let it sit in juice for a couple minutes - don't leave it too long though, lemon will start eating the metal and will leave a funny texture if you forget it in there.